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Meet our memory care team

Supporting your loved one at every stage of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

For over two decades Legacy Living has been a partner in memory care for those families with loved ones touched by Alzheimer's and dementia-related disease in the Arlington, Texas community. Here we believe in enriching the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. 


We honor our residents by treating them with dignity and providing them with purpose and quality of life. We’ve witnessed countless times how our approach offers residents’ families and friends a renewed sense of hope for their loved ones and their families.

Nicole smith

Nicol Smith

Executive Director

Jasmine first- she is the CRD- Community Relations Director and Assistant ED.jpg

Jasmine Wilson

Community Relations Director and Assistant Education

Kris Cole – Wellness Director.jpg

Kris Cole

Wellness Director

Wanda Griego Office Manger.jpg

James Doe

Wanda Griego

Nicol Smith, Executive Director

I love working with Seniors ! I grew up in Western New York where I spent countless hours with my grandparents, learning to can vegetables, make blackberry pies ( My favorite), homemade ice cream, soap and hanging the wash out to dry. I also spent hours listening to old radio shows everything from the “Bickersons to the Shadow knows”


Every senior's life is an entire book that is fascinating. I was lucky enough to learn volumes from them.


I have been working with seniors for well over 20 years and in this industry for over 16 years. I have done everything from sales to operations. The great thing about running a building is you learn every position – from cooking and washing dishes to laundry and floors. But most importantly you get to learn about the residents.

When I am not working, I love to spend time gardening, scrapbooking and with my mom and three great kids! I also do some volunteer work with the Alzheimer’s Association. I am part of the Professional Speakers Bureau and I have even gone to Washington DC as an Advocate. I love educating people and assisting them with finding the resources they need.  


Stop by and say hi!

Nicole smith.jpg
Jasmine first- she is the CRD- Community Relations Director and Assistant ED.jpg

Jasmine Wilson, Community Relations Director and Assistant Educator

Jasmine joined Legacy Living in 2022, working closely with residents and their families in the admissions process. Jasmine has seen dozens of families trust Legacy Living to provide a comfortable and loving home for their loved ones. She's able to guide families as they navigate that process.

Jasmine also works with local community organizations to help provide meaningful programming and integration into the Arlington community.  

Before working at Legacy Living, Jasmine worked as a community relations director at another facility for seven years. Prior to that she was community relations director assistant and a caregiver. She has always worked in senior living and hopes she'll always have a career where she gets to learn from and support seniors.

When she's not at work, Jasmine enjoys spending time with friends and family. 

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